Company name: Co., Ltd. supplies chemicals and Scientific Cuong Thinh
Abbreviation:    CTSTEC CO.,LTD 
* Business registration number: 0104000833 by Department of Planning and Investment Hanoi city
* Capital: USD 4.8 billion (four billion eight hundred million dong)
* Registration Tax Code and Import Export Code: 0102146872 by the General Department of Taxation and the General Customs Office
* Account: Account number: 013704070000089 Bank Commercial Development in the City. Ho Chi Minh - Cau Giay Branch
Company Headquarters: No. 8, Alley 75 Lane 143, Road Phu Dien, Phu Dien Ward, District Bac Liem, City, Hanoi, Vietnam
Trading Office: No. 27A, Lane 184, Hoa Bang, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Tel: 04 37915904; 04 39941632; Fax: 04 37822738 
Email: ctstec@gmail.comvietcuong@ctstec.com.vn
Director: Cuong Nguyen Vietnam - Mobile: 0985734578 

Total number of staff employees in the company today, including:
- Employees on the payroll of the company: 17 people
- Collaborators business, engineering:: 05 people
Personnel in the company is structured according to the department in the overall statistics as follows: 
  TH Name department responsible   People
1 Management staff
2 Chemicals Business Division - Equipment
Customer is responsible for frequent and regular contracts
 3 Project Division
Charge of development projects and new markets, develop new products
4 Finance and accounting department
Financial control, payment factors n, debts
 5 Engineering Division
Ensure technical installation, maintenance equipment
6 Parts logistics, import and export 2
7 Collaborators business and technical 5

3.1. Laboratory Equipment
3.1.1. Directly imported equipment:
  Business we directly import the products of basic equipment for laboratory and production as follows:
TH  Company name Made  Products
1  HIRAYAMA  Japan Autoclave sterilization
Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Filter, Vacuum Cleaner, ELISA Washer, Ultrasonic Washer, Ultrasonic Washer, Water Checker.
3  HETTICH  Germany Provide the following product lines:
- Centrifuges Typically, centrifugal refrigeration, centrifugal blood
- Used in the culture incubator
- Refrigerators, deep sound
- Vacuum Pumps
4   HUMAN  Korea Provide the type of pure water filtration system
5  MRCLAB  Israel The company is specialized in general commercial grade equipment for laboratories such as pH meter, UV / UV-VIS, the tray from the machine, ultrasonic cleaning tanks ...
6 WHIRLPOOL U.S. Supplying all kinds of household refrigerators
7   JENCONS UK Provide the type of instruments and equipment used in laboratories
8  CONTHERM  New Zealand Provide the type of incubator, oven, cook the water ...
9 NUVE T urkey Provide the type: biosafety cabinets, unique hood, chest implants, sterilization autoclaves, centrifuges, vacuum pumps, ultrasonic cleaning tanks ...
 10 PROTHERM T urkey Provide the type of kiln
11 ACCU USA Provide the type of microscope for research ding as well microscope glass, glass back glass, glass television ...
 12 S CIE - Plas  UK Provide the type of electrophoresis tanks, laboratory equipment
And many other vendors ... 

3.1.2. Equipment purchased through a representative in Vietnam:
Business Besides we also integrate with the company represents other equipment manufacturers following:
TH   Company name  Made Products
1 S ANYO  Japan Supplying all kinds of negative depth refrigerator, cooling incubator,
2 Eppendorf   Germany As a large company specialized in providing equipment for biology laboratories such as:
- Centrifuges
- Micropipet
- Plastic Goods Consumption
3   BIORAD U.S. Gram provides the following goods:
- Real time system - PCR
- Culture medium
- The test
- Gel documentation system
- Imark absorbance microplate reader with microplate manager software
- Immunowas Microplate Washer
4 Millipore U.S. Supplying water purification systems for laboratories ding
5   Stratagene U.S. Provide the type of equipment used in the laboratory of molecular biology as:
- Real-time thermal cycler
- Brilliant II Reagents on our MxQPCR Systems
And other kits for molecular biology
6   Santak China Supply UPS
7  Thermo   U.S. Providing equipment for laboratories ding as:
- UV Spectrophotometer
- Magnetic particle processor, up to 96 samples per run
- Micropipet
- Ultrasonic cleaning tank
8  Cole-parmer U.S. Providing laboratory equipment the following:
- Homogenizer
- Apparatus electrophoresis
- Mini-microcentrifuge
- Rotary Microtome
... ...
9 A & D  Japan Provide the type of balanced analysis, balancing technique with many types of electronic weight difference
And many other vendors ...

3. 2 . Equipment for animal husbandry and veterinary
    Although new to the field of veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, so our products trading company in this area is limited. Song được sự đánh gia cao của một số nhà sản xuất trên thế giới. But the appreciation of a number of manufacturers in the world.
  Our company would introduce a few manufacturers that make our company representative as follows:
TH Company name   Made Products
  Sass WOLF
 Germany Supplying all kinds of needles used for automatic high-quality breeding has been confirmed in many countries around the world
      - ...
2  BRINSEA UK Provide the type:
      - Egg Incubator
      - Standard Egg-Lume Candler
      - ...
3 DYS  Korea Specializes in providing small equipment:
      - Temperature Electronic hygrometer
      - Salinity meter
      - PH meter
      - ...
3. 3. Chemicals
3. 3. 1. Basic Chemicals
TH  Company name  Made Products
1 SIGMA+ALDRICH  (Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Supelco) U.S. - Base chemicals, chromatography solvents, chemical electrolyte, chemical biology, molecular biology used in the kits, glassware ...
2 Group M ERCK
(BDH, Merck, Prolabo, CNBI) 
  Germany - Base chemicals, solvents and chromatographic analysis of culture ...
3 F ISHER  U.S. - Pure Chemical Laboratory
4 TCI  Japan - Basic Chemicals
5 MP CHEMICALS U.S. - Base chemicals and chemical molecular biology, cell culture chemicals
6 KANTO CICA  Japan - Chemical tests of all kinds
7 NACALAI  Japan - Basic Chemical Experiment
8 WAKO  Japan - Base chemicals and chemical molecular biology
9 ROMILL UK - Solvents and chromatographic analysis
10 ACROSS Belgium - Basic chemicals
11 D R.EHRENSTORFER  Germany - Chemical standards for chromatography
12 XILONG  China - Chemical purity and testing instruments
13  JINHUADA  China - Chemical purity and testing instruments
14 DOJIDO Japan - Base chemicals and chemical molecular biology ...
3. 3 2.. Every culture:
TH  Company name  Made Products
1 MERCK  Germany   Bacterial culture medium, cells
2 BIORAD U.S.   Tissue culture medium, bacterial cells  
3 HARDY U.S.   Bacterial culture medium, cells
4 DIFCO U.S.   Bacterial culture medium, cells
5 SIGMA U.S.   Tissue culture medium, bacterial cells  
6 FLUKA U.S.   Tissue culture medium, bacterial cells  
3. 3. 3. Chemical disinfection kits, extraction kits for molecular biology:
TH  Company name  Made Products
1   EPICENTRE U.S.   Purification kits, reagent kits, ... chemicals used in molecular biology
2 H AIN -LIFESCIENCE  Germany   Equipment and chemicals by machines, a diagnostic kit purification kits for molecular biology, medicine, culture  
3 QIAGEN  Germany   Equipment and chemicals by machines, a diagnostic kit purification kits for molecular biology, medicine, culture  
4 INVITROGEN  Germany   Equipment and chemicals by machines, a diagnostic kit purification kits for molecular biology, medicine, culture  
5 A MPLIDEIOSYSTEM  Germany   Equipment and chemicals by machines, a diagnostic kit purification kits for molecular biology, medicine, culture  
6 BIORAD  Germany   Equipment and chemicals by machines, a diagnostic kit purification kits for molecular biology, medicine, culture  
7 ZYMORESEARCH  Germany   Purification kits, reagent kits, ... chemicals used in molecular biology
3. 4. Plastic and glass consumption
1   Glassware for laboratory   Schott - Germany
  Hirschmann - Germany
2   Plastic furniture consumption for laboratory   Sarstedt - Germany
  Orange - Blatency
  Jiangsu Kangjian - China
  Zhejiang Gongdong - China
3   Chemical test of China   Jinhuda - China
  Xilong - China
4   The thermometer, hydrometer, hygrometer   Amarell – Gemany
  The above is part of the information on the operation of our business, we hope to receive the help and cooperation of our customers.
                                                                                 Nguyen Viet Cuong



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